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10 de Julho de 2017
Por SinalizeWeb

E-commerce has been a great growth in Brazil emerged 15 years ago and, with the new acquisitions of the Brazilian, has been used more and more. Having an e-commerce is synonymous with growth, since the growth of electronic sales is much higher than the physical sales, according to E-bit. Taking this scenario, SinalizeWeb has specialized in e-commerce optimized for organic search.

But what is the advantage of having an e-commerce?

The e-commerce provides the entrance of new consumers in the target , since, the number of people reached is much greater. With the ease of acquisitions of the Brazilian, currently, everyone has a smartphone, the medium that has been used to make purchases over the internet , besides, buying online is a flexibility offered to the customer.

The relationship can also be improved with the consumer, because with the e-commerce the customer has available all the information he needs about his product / service or store.

Another essential point is the price difference between a stall in a shopping mall or some famous shopping mall and that of an internet domain.Certainly the difference in initial investment is exorbitant, since being inside the internet, online, the possibility of selling all over Brazil is much greater, thus increasing the visibility of your business and creating the possibility of attracting customers even outside the country.

SinalizeWeb , as an SEO Consulting , when starting an e-commerce project, is based on organic search , that is, from the beginning everything is thought and done according to a mapping of all the keywords (keywords) of large volume of traffic and Google searches and tags related to the products offered in e-commerce. We aim at optimization , that is, is how to make an ecologically sustainable home, we think of SEO from the foundation.

We follow your business from planning to collection of analysis and results, helping you and your team to make decisions, prevent and correct any administrative and operational failures.

Having an e-commerce requires and obliges the entrepreneur to organize in all aspects: service, finance, operational, logistics, shopping, etc., since the customer on the Internet is faster and more demanding, the internet will give you results in a more agile, but will be ruthless with his mark if she fails him.

The success of an e-commerce store is possible, but it takes professionalism, which SinalizeWeb offers with excellence. Thinking about it, we started the digital integration operation, defining the price, public and initial focus squares , from that we use the best tools in the market, so that the end result is success.

Among these tools, we also have some characteristics of our own:


Easily self-manageable store engine for product registration and maintenance Virtue & Mart, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart;

Platform through Vtex , the leader in commerce development;

Banners on home or on other pages with random dynamic effects, plus interactive gallery of images;

E-commerce site with potential clustering and navigability;

Agile loading pages as a priority, after all, a slow site causes customer disinterest;

Internal site search tool available on all pages with product display;

Available tool for capturing email for remarketing actions , newsletter;

Possibility of standardized forms with security features against Pishing Robots;

Development of the e-commerce site in Joomla CMS , being used the languages: PHP – CSS – HTML – JavaScript;

Availability of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. users access.

Cluster for various hardware resolutions, including Smartphones and Tablets;

Provided microformats RSS feeds;

Installation of Google Maps plugins for Android and IOS GPS triggers ;

PagSeguro gateway integration ;

Integration with the postal system for freight calculation;

Checkout on single page;

Possibility of commercial chat deployment;

Total and more priority focus on SEO optimization in both backend and frontend;

In addition to all these points mentioned, all the content we put on the air is done through responsive projects , that is, we create sites that have a good view on both desktop, tablets and smartphones , since the use of the latter is gradual.

We offer the possibility of having a virtual store of your own , without the collection of fees for the quantity of products or the visitation of your pages.


To find out more, consult SinalizeWeb , if you have any questions, we will help you and your team to succeed in the virtual world , if you have a project already being built, we also offer e-commerce consulting and more effective strategies for your product through your target.

Please also consult us regarding the implementation of e-commerce virtual stores Vtex, EZ-Commerce, Fast Commerce among other e-commerce platforms in the cities of Guarulhos, São Paulo and region.

The e-commerce is laborious and complex, but it has an unquestionable return, mainly with our professionalism!

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