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Events and participations

18 de Outubro de 2017
Por SinalizeWeb

Digital Conference 2017

Made by us, from SinalizeWeb , the Digital Conference takes place in its 1st edition. With the purpose of bringing together the most qualified professionals in marketing, it is a great opportunity of knowledge and learning. Bringing together more than 300 entrepreneurs and decision makers, the event will feature lectures focused on Brazilian E-Commerce and Sales Performance .

Big names in the market are already confirmed, such as Rafael Forte – Country Manager at VTEX Brasil, Tatiana Sayuri – Business Development Evangelist at Google and Samy Dana – Economist at Rede Globo.

The event will occur on 09/13/2017 at 6:30 pm, at the Hotel Slaviero Guarulhos , located at Rua Rafael Balzani, 32 – Vila Moreira.

Ensure your entry, you can not miss this opportunity to understand and learn strategies and improve performance in e-commerce.



Organized by Vtex , a leading company in the e-commerce platform segment. VtexDay is the largest e-commerce event in Latin America and happens annually. In 2017, SinalizeWeb was one of the sponsors.

VtexDay 2017 featured the presentation of cases that showed how to increase the profitability in online retail and more than 10 thousand professionals of the area and speakers of great professional success.

Google Starter SinalizeWeb

At the event were given lectures on how Google tools can increase visibility on the internet. Once again, SinalizeWeb was present with the 1st and 2nd edition.

Abradi-SP SEO Guide

We were present at the launch and in the guide itself. We invite everyone to read the full SEO Guide , which contains information necessary for a good understanding of SEO . The chapters on Content and UX Conversion were developed and written by our CEO AbuAmir. Access is free through the link: .

Entrepreneur Fair – SEBRAE

The Entrepreneur Fair has several entrepreneurs from various segments for exhibitions and consultancies. In the event, we were present with the SinalizeWeb stand to provide digital marketing and performance consulting for your business.

Vtex Network Program

Being a great partner, we were present at the launch of the Vtex Network program.

Vps Vtex Partner

Always looking for more knowledge and expertise, SinalizeWeb has confirmed its presence in Vps Vtex Partner . We always try to learn to give the best support to our customers.

Beauty Fair – SEBRAE

We participated in the event to show a little more of the solutions we have for any business segmentation.

Lecture at ETEC

At Etec Parque de Juventude , we gave lectures on: How to define metrics, Relationship with Business Objects and Google Tools. A very interesting experience have the opportunity to bring knowledge to future professionals.

Futurecomm – Facebook Starter

The event is a Technology Infrastructure and Information Fair that presented to guest agencies and developers all of the possibilities for apps and ads within Facebook that were currently being tested in Asia. With one more confirmed presence, opting for SinalizeWeb is to get ahead of the competition, because, we are always innovating and tuned in the market.

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