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Facebook Ads

10 de Julho de 2017
Por SinalizeWeb

Facebook is the most accessed social network in the world. More than 100 million Brazilians use the social network. Have you ever imagined how many people can be reached with a campaign on this platform? The SinalizeWeb Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Consulting , thought and specialized.

First, let’s understand how this advertising is done. Facebook has developed a specific ad tool, Facebook Ads , which is Facebook’s sponsored advertising platform. With several versatile ad options, Facebook Ads is the paid advertising that most generates conversions within digital marketing.

Within Facebook Ads ads, you can choose between videos, photos, ads with images and text, target your target and thus have a better success with the campaign.

SinalizeWeb helps you succeed within the platform, we are a partner that understands social media and we have a team willing to help you where necessary.

First, we seek to understand the right audience for the campaign to be targeted and the ad reach the right target more effectively. Within the platform, you can search location information, demographics, interests, behavior, and connections from that audience. Deciphering where this target is in the Facebook environment is essential to understanding how best to reach it.

This gives you relevant ads with greater reach. With conversion funnel analysis, it is possible to create content for each stage of the funnel and with the Facebook Ads platform, we can understand where each person is in the process.

A very interesting tool inside the platform of Facebook Ads is the Pixel Conversion . We at SinalizeWeb also work with it, which is usually placed on pages where there are conversions, such as on a shopping completion page, for example.

The Conversion Pixel tracks all actions of who clicks on the ad. In addition, with Pixel Conversion it is possible to apply a Remarketing increasingly advantageous, since with it you can bring back to your site a customer to complete a purchase, for example.

We work with reports with page information and Facebook ad reports that, when cross-referenced, generate perfect portraits of the strategy you’ve applied, with clear opportunities for improvement for your Facebook campaigns .

With SinalizeWeb, you go beyond tanned and shared, use the world’s largest social network to increase your performance , increase branding and recognition in the market . We can help them define a specific goal and, within it, start working the entire campaign from the points already mentioned.

Consult us for a consultation, budget or if you have questions. Our team will always be ready to advise you in case of any difficulty.

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