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Google Adwords

10 de Julho de 2017
Por SinalizeWeb

Google Adwords is Google ‘s paid advertising platform. When a keyword game is typed, sponsored results appear highlighted and labeled “ad.” In addition to SEO (organic search), the SinizeWeb Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Consulting also offers the sponsored advertising engine for the growth of your company’s conversions.

Have you noticed that the first 4 or 3 ads that Google searches are differentiated? Next to their URL is the “Announcement” informational. This is Google Adwords in practice .

It all happens as follows, when typing a search, Google relates to keywords , those keywords are acquired so that the ads appear at the top of the first page of Google.

Keywords work like an auction, you can choose how much to pay for them, but it is possible that those who pay the most, get the best positions.

But, it’s not that simple, it’s also necessary that your site has relevance to the subject of the keyword, after all, you will not be the only advertising and Google takes quality into consideration. That is, it is no use linking keywords that do not meet the content of the site.

In addition to the search engines, Google Adwords also offers banners and ad videos, the ones that appear next to the screen on partner sites that make up the Display Network . Within this network is YouTube , which only loses to Google itself in search of.

In total, the Display Network holds about 95% of the reach of the online population. In numbers, we can better understand when the Brazilian average of navigation is observed.

While the TV holds approximately 5 hours daily, the internet has been growing with about 4 hours of daily navigation per Brazilian. Investing in online media is synonymous with return because even with the possibilities of segmentation offered and data analysis, the conversion numbers are highly measurable.

Sponsored advertising is a great option for those looking for short term return . With this, SinalizeWeb works so that the strategy is done assertively, aiming at reaching the right target of your business.

Our team of professionals works to ensure ROI (Return on Investment) is always on a grand scale. With this, we work with the tool on several platforms. In addition to using the search network , we also include ads on Google Shopping , the Display Network , Remarketing, and ads on Youtube Videos .

With this, SinalizeWeb can measure who opened the ad, who did some conversion (purchase or completion of form), number of impressions (how many times the ad was viewed), average position, etc. Having these data in hand, they are constantly analyzed so that ad success is accurate.

Being an excellent Digital Marketing Agency , we also have Dynamic Formats in HTML5 , LightBox and Rich Media ads, various segmentations and Remarketing for retrieval of Abandoned Carts .

Be part of the digital world, the fastest growing advertising and returns ! Contact us now for a quote or if you have any questions. The SinalizeWebteam will always be ready to help you.

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