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Google Analytics Rejection Rate

Learn how it influences your Organic Search results (SEO) on Google Most often ignored by analysts, the Bounce Rate is one of the indicators presented in the “Public View” by the Google Analytics tool, perhaps because many questions still surround such metrics.


Learn how it influences your Organic Search results (SEO) on Google

Most often ignored by analysts, the Bounce Rate is one of the indicators presented in the “Public View” by the Google Analytics tool, perhaps because many questions still surround such metrics.

The big question is related to the parameters used by Google Analytics that establish the rejection percentage of the pages of a website. It is generally known that the time within a web page is certainly one of the factors, another point is in fact the pagination, that is, the navigation between different pages of the same site that a visitor runs within the same access , but other more complex points are also evaluated by the Google Analytics asynchronous tracking code installed in the HTML of all pages of a site, such as: (1) Navigation and interest below page fold (independent scrolling) if access via mobile or desktop; (2) Interaction with page elements mapped using the mouse and even the touch, in desktop and mobile access respectively.

The fact is that there are several factors that influence the Rejection Rate, certainly much more than what is reported on Google’s support channel on the subject, see:

5 Important Points on How to Start Reducing Your Site’s Rejection Rate:

For Google Analytics, map to “Public” => “Geographic” if the most accessed regions are in squares of your actual interest, based on that analysis, make sure that sponsored campaigns for example are segmented correctly, or even SEO work for Google (Search Engine Optimization), be with your focus on the key regions of business potential for your company. We must remember that local businesses, for example, tend to have high Rejection Rates when accessed in distant places in their area of ​​operation, for example: “The consumer is in the x-region and needs technical assistance, finds a company’s website and finds out that it is in the region y, with that it leaves the navigation = high rate of rejection “;

2. Work smartly on your landing pages, that is, the landing pages of your paid Google Adwords ads or organic SEO, because when your customer searches Google: “Running Tennis”, he does not necessarily want to see the home of his store online footwear but rather a category page with your options of running shoes from your online shoe store or even the product page of your best running shoes in your e-commerce footwear, highlighting below other product options similar, and maybe even a video content addressing the issue of care in choosing your running shoes or on the best outdoor running techniques for example. Actions like this tend to generate greater public engagement with the content offered on your site, with a zero Rejection Rate, or very close to it;

3º Map the main points of abandonment of your website, by Google Analytics do so both by “Source / media” in “Acquisition”, “All traffic”, as in “Landing pages” and “Exit pages” in “Behavior “,” Site Content, “start by raising the top 10 largest Rejection Rates and cross-data with” Frequency and Time to Return “and” Engagement “in the” Behavior “tab under” Public. ” As you can see, it is possible to have a lot of important information that is available for free from Google Analytics tracking;

4th Enrich your analysis with the use of tools such as and for example, even your free versions will offer you a deeper, easier-to-read analysis of elements on each page that have generated more engagement or not, with this you can implement changes to your pages not based on thoughts, but with much greater assertiveness;

5º Through your analysis, establish a routine of implementations of AB tests in the intervals between analyzes, make small changes, short periods of experience, consider using, a fantastic tool that will help you a lot in the management of AB tests , such as Search Console (Google tool for SEO) and Google Adwords, Google Optimize can also be linked to Google Analytics, enhancing your analytics experience.

How the Rejection Rate can impact your site’s ranking on Google.

It is no coincidence that Google has established the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Rejection Rate, and since the early versions of the Google Analytics tool in mid 2000 it was already present.

Let us understand the Google search engine and its priority objective of providing quality content to its users.

There is not much distinction between Google and the old Barsa encyclopedia, both catalog their contents and index them, the only difference being that nowadays the librarian is Google, that from a classification of relevance by prior diagnosis in a website, the offers a list of content options through a related search.

So if an organic access in Google your site is accessed and for some reason the user leaves the page prematurely to the point of not being diagnosed any hit server load, the tendency of this access to generate a very high Rate of Rejection is large, what Google will do with this is basically to establish that perhaps the content that it offered, not by chance the page of your website, may not have as relevant content as well as had been diagnosed in reading tags contained in the HTML hierarchy and as this same phenomenon occurs in a significant percentage of times, Google will lower its page in the ranking, so lower Rejection Rates were diagnosed by it in competitors that were until then, below its site in the search results listing.

Conclusion: Take care of your content and constantly review the satisfaction of your site visitors, keep them engaged, have qualified professionals to operate the different tools available in the market and leave with Google, the results will only be a consequence.

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