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Platform Migration SEO

10 de Julho de 2017
Por SinalizeWeb

Often looking for improvements and more competition in the market, platform migration is necessary, but within that, it is imperative thatSEO is not shaken. In addition, prior to a migration, there are a number of points to be analyzed without a redirection plan, the entire structure of SEO can be lost.

Do you know when we enter a website and there are broken links with the famous “not founde 404”? It is an indication that redirection was not done correctly or was neglected. When that happens, it is possible that the traffic of organic search engines or not, is zeroed, thus generating damages for the company, mainly in the e-commerce, that can lose sales.

With this, we of the SinizeWeb Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Consulting , we offer a differentiated work approaching a whole analysis so that there is no traffic loss. All redirect is done beyond Redirect 301 , which is the way to change content from one page to the other without losing PageRank , so that the relevance of content on search engines like Google is not shaken.

This migration is a great opportunity to create more user-friendly URLs with a strong ranking potential . Factor that is essential for a good positioning in search tools.

Our Cross-Platform SEO Migration job involves analyzing impact on organic traffic so that all of the ranking work is not lost and even improving that point. With this, it is analyzed whether or not there is the loss of access. All keywords are transferred to the new layout, so you have a greater certainty that there will be no loss of positions.

We also work with the predictability of results between revenue and investment, which is the idea of ​​the return on that investment and the application of SEO Migration principles even further than Redirect 301, which is the most critical point of a migration.

The migration of platforms always aims at improving the usability of the client, once made inaccurate, can shake the site in many ways, from the loss of access to conversions. SinalizeWeb works for SEO to go hand in hand with this migration.

Are you looking for a way to make a migration without loss of relevance? Consult us for questions and make a quotation. SinalizeWeb has the right solution for you.

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