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SinalizeWeb – Full Commerce

18 de Outubro de 2017
Por SinalizeWeb

The main goal of retailing is the success of the sale of your product. Within the digital world, the road to be traveled demands a lot of knowledge, time and assertiveness in decisions. Often, the entrepreneur does not have the mastery of the tools and ends up being lost, not being able to keep up with the pace of the business. All of this can cause irreparable damage to the company.

But cool, that does not mean you should not invest in the digital medium, quite the opposite. Digital marketing is what generates the most return today. The SinalizeWeb Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Consulting offers Full Commerce service, a strategy that can be the solution to your problems.

In a basic concept, the Full Commerce provided by SinalizeWeb, is the outsourcing of all the marketing of products online , approaching from the management of the marketing, information technology, Fulfilment and Contact Center of your business.

That is, we will take care of all the digital part, we will invest in the marketing in diverse platforms that we work, take care of its e-commerce to be always accessible for its client, to fulfill the consumer’s request in the best possible way for the satisfaction of the same and the multimedia contact , this done not only by phone but also by Call Center, but also by SMS, email, chat and social networks.

This Contact Center can be realized for telesales, SAC and Welcome Call . We keep the contact with the customer from end to end to make sure the satisfaction of the same.

With this, the manager will have the greater focus on the production and development of the product and the core of his business, leaving to SinalizeWeb, a specialist in digital marketing , all the operation in the online medium. While the entrepreneur focuses on product development, SinalizeWeb takes care of all e-commerce processes .

Entering more in the way that SinalizeWeb works, we take full responsibility for the planning, creation and consulting part . This means that the whole strategy is being thought by a specialized professional team.

Digital security is also a commitment made by SinalizeWeb, because e-commerce has to be reliable and secure for those who buy and sell.

The analysis of results is a complex and very important part, after all, everything that is accomplished has to fulfill a goal. We have a duty to analyze the data collected and from them all decisions will be made.

Our goal is to work from start to finish with you in your e-commerce operation, from the deployment , if your business does not already have it, or migration of the e-commerce with absorption in any platform or CMS (Content Management System) of the market. We also work with photography in our own studio , multi-store administration and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) .

With Full Commerce you have nothing to lose! SinalizeWeb is the right partner for your e-commerce success. Please contact us if you have any questions, our team will always be willing to help you.

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