Advertise on Google   with   Sponsored links   or any other vehicle for   Advertise on the Internet , either with   AdWords   Pay Per Click   or not, it may seem easy, but you will only achieve truly maximized results in your market, with a   Segmentation   focused on Relevance   in   Keywords :   Adverts  and   Landing Pages , so the targets will be reached without the   Google   be a cost to you, but an investment with measurable results in the expansion of your business, for the interest of your target audience in your product or service. Counting with Certification   Google , the   SinalizeWeb   is your smart choice, to   Advertise on Googl and

Advertising on Google may seem like a simple execution task, but like everything, also need dedication and the results are maximized when working with specialized staff

It is common to find companies that have used Google AdWords to develop Internet Advertising , but unfortunately for not giving the due time and dedication and especially the professionalism and knowledge needed to achieve the results and the lowest cost of Campaign possible, have not achieved results, and get the wrong view that Google does not work for their business

We must reflect: Today Google holds 99% of Search in Brazil and 97% in the world. It's the "yellow pages" of yesteryear, but better, because when it's advertised on Google , your Ads will only appear to potential customers of your business. Only one caveat when campaigns are well done

Advertising on Google AdWords is comprised of a few phases:

The earliest stages YOU have already achieved, "are seeking the right expertise for the right investment," and with the correct Google AdWords Agency .And SinalizeWeb is the Google AdWords Agency more correct because?

Why we serve You and your company in a complete way, aiming at macro results of ROI (return on investment)

We begin work after hiring as follows:

We scan our planning tools to analyze all the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of your brand and products in Online environment, so we know more about you, your products, competitors, the market and your target audience. We will often present to you details of your Internet Business that you did not know;

We've raised all keywords that are also known as KeyWords , as well as their variations, the well-known Longtail , meaning all terms used by your prospects when they search for your products or services on the Google Search Network and Display Network ;

Each product on your website will have a specific AdWords Ad , as well as your specific Keywords that will trigger it, when your customers click on your Google Ads , your specific Landing Pages will be shipped, where they specifically address of the product, service or content requested by Google user;

This procedure seems to be basic, but is little practiced by Advertisers as well as other Digital Marketing Agencies on the market, for a simple fact: "it gives more work," contrary to the structure of the AdWords Campaigns are created in this concept personified, we achieved a higher Clickthrough Rate ( CTR ) and consecutively a higher Keyword Quality Score , which may influence the positioning of your Ads on the Google Search Page , as well as greater use of your Advertising Bill , by adopting some important care we will have a lower CPC ( Cost per Click ) in the AdWords Auction system

Another peculiar characteristic of the other Digital Agencies on the market is the lack of concern with the Landing Pages Optimization of the SponsoredAds Ads of AdWords , because if the Pages of your Site do not have the requirements and good practices of SEO ( Search Engine Optimizatiion ) , or Optimization for Google to rank the pages of your Site by Relevance , Advertiser loses the excellent opportunity to improve your site in Google Organic Search and more, fails to pay an even cheaper CPC , limiting the monthly budget you own within the media and Segmentation chosen in briefing

At SinalizeWeb SEO Agency and Digital Marketing participant of the program Google Engage for Agencies of Google Internet Brazil , our concern is with the Search of our clients, so we guide everyone to work with return on investment

Formula for ROI Calculation :

[(billing - cost) / cost] * 100% = ROI percentage or return on investment

The possibilities with Google AdWords are almost unlimited, check out the various types of Sponsored Campaigns :

Cross Media , Display Network , Mobile Marketing , Search Network , Social Marketing , YouTube Campaigns , Remarketing , ...

With this we have been able to help you:

Generate brand recognition Branding ;

Boost Your Conversions Sales ;

Capture new Customers;

Increase loyalty and retention in your customer base;

Increase Interest and Target Audience Engagement


Our clients follow all the procedures and results via Google Analytics that is integrated into the AdWords account, all simultaneously, you client has their access and SinalizeWeb has another completely manageable access

As far as payments are completely separate, we advise our clients to use the postpaid system via Google Internet Brasil, where the amounts forCampaigns will be credited, and we send another monthly ticket from our Agency regarding our fees, everything separated and the clear, our customers know exactly how much they invest in Google and how much they pay for SinalizeWeb

If you are already served by another agency that works with Google AdWords , take advantage of the opportunity to have a differentiated service regardless of your investment size or value, do not cancel with anyone, do a pilot Campaign with SinalizeWeb , and compare the performance of Conversions and ROI, and see why anyone closing with us expands their expectations for their own business

Now if you do your Campaigns alone or, with the help of the Google AdWords team, you're already on the right track, continue and see the SinalizeWebon how you can increase the Relevance of your Destination Pages in order to further reduce your Cost per Click , as neither the internal Google staffwill guide you. After the first results, you will find that your Screen Position has improved, your Clicks are cheaper, and your monthly budget is giving you more visibility in Ad Impressions , with even more qualitative access to your Site .