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The action of a particular advertiser on re-impacting the web, a same prospect who already knows the brand or product of an advertiser, is called remarketing.

Periodically when we use the internet, our devices are downloaded txt files, which will remain in our routines of use during the period of 30 days. Also called cookies.

With these cookies, advertisers can define their remarketing lists, which are simply the definition among all visitors to a website, for example, who are effectively their target audience, and therefore must be re-impacted to search for new conversions .

Remarketing actions are indicated for various advertiser profiles, in particular for retrieval of abandoned carts for e-commerce stores, or even for branding.

Remarketing brings together fantastic features, but it needs to be planned carefully and carefully in order not to offer a product that has just been purchased for an "x" value - 10% for example, to the same consumer who just bought the same item for value without discount, this can certainly generate frustration and discontent.

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