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What do they eat, where do they live, how do they find them?

Capture of Digital Influencers.

The indication always worked very well in any consumption relationship, because when you see a product or are informed about the existence of a service, always look for information about the quality tied to what you want to acquire.

The indication influences and guides a more conscious acquisition and, since almost every relationship of consumption (acquisition) is initiated by digital means, generating such influence became a business.

They are the Digital Influencers.

Common people but with strong activity on YouTube channels and social networks, mainly Instagram and Facebook.

These people have many followers in their social channels, so they become reference about what they wear, wear, eat, drink, listen, watch, etc., that is, they are consumers boosters, present products to the market and, with this makes it possible for names and brands to have an amplified capacity to penetrate the market, consecutively to sell more in less time.

Every company can practically benefit from the work of Influencers and / or Micro Digital Influencers, often they even highlight free products and brands they admire, use and appreciate. This generates an excellent benefit to all, as the Digital Influencer gains in authority with its audience, the Influencer's follower wins with the knowledge they have received, and the brand gains a lot in sales and loyalty through the quality reference that was transmitted to it , so much so that even would pay for it.

Many companies ask themselves: But how to hire a Digital Influencer?

It is not necessarily an easy task, but in a consistent working format and using the right technologies, it becomes very agile and assertive to find the Influencer or even the Digital Influencer that most closely relates to the scope and ideal of your brand and products.

Through the tools of audience we can make the diagnosis of which are the most influential Digital Influencers next to the target of your brand and products, with this we can dynamically capture them and, drawing according to the potential of Digital Influence of each one, the ideal workflow of publications, indications and mentions of what you want your audience to consume, everything in a natural and consistent way, so that people's engagement with your brand is a simple consequence of the process in your after-sales, since the sale of your Influencer Digital has already won for its brand.

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SEO Consulting is an SEO Agency SEO solution, a SEO workflow to be implemented, and implemented in the SEO Agency from the SEO Consulting

The SinizeWeb SEO Agency and Digital Marketing , offers the SEO Consulting solution in 3 formats.

Formats of our SEO Consulting :

Document Generation | report prepared by the SEO Consultant SinalizeWeb designated as the customer's keyaccount, and reviewed by SEO Consulting Team SinalizeWeb, relating to the IT area or client's web developer, which should be implemented in infra, usability, onpage and content curation SEO in each url of the site (involves transfer of partial know how);

Document Generation | report prepared by the SEO Consultant SinalizeWeb designated as client keyaccount, and reviewed by SEO Consulting Team SinalizeWeb, immersed in the client's operation for a certain period, relating to the client's IT area or web developer, which should be implemented in infra, usability, onpage and curator SEO of the content in each url of the site, and with the monitoring and measurement in loco of the development of the work (involves full transfer of know how);

Document Generation | report prepared by the SEO Consultant SinalizeWeb designated as the client's keyaccount, and reviewed by the SEO Consulting Team SinalizeWeb ,, relating to the operations area of ​​the SinalizeWeb SEO Agency , which should be implemented in infra, usability, onpage and in curation SEO content in each url of the site (involves reduced transfer of know how).

Are Part of the Work of SEO Consulting SinalizeWeb:

Onpage = HTML structure, friendly urls, sitemap.xml, robots.txt, front end architecture, etc;

Content = Keyword Search | keywords, SEO curation based on tags and long tails, content suggestion, competition analysis, etc .;

Usability = Load problems, usability, mobile, * UX Design , * UX Conversion , Bounce Rate analysis (* User Experience );

Reports = Analyzes of visits, ranking, activities and link building.

Consulting and Implementation SEO - Semantics of SEO work SinalizeWeb:

Research and Analysis: SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities) in an online environment;

Keywords Identification: Main tags and long tails;

Analysis of the current SEO situation of the site: Evaluation of necessary onpage and offpage corrections;

Implementation of strategies: Competition and marketshare;

Improvement of site performance: Infra, hosting, certifications, compaction and usability;

Digital Marketing and Link Building: Qualitative Traffic Generation;

Monitoring reports: Monitoring and constant and increasing investments.

Macro objectives of SEO Consulting SinalizeWeb:

Increased Conversions (sales, leads, downloads, etc):


CPA reduction (cost conversion);

Maximizing ROI (return on investment)

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