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Recently Google officialized the change in one of its algorithms, establishing that if a site does not have a suitability for smartphones , this will be penalized in all organic access | SEO , which occurs via smartphones , which makes responsive sites or mobile versions, are prioritized in organic search on Google, when they happen via smartphones , or any other mobile device.

This is aggravated when we attach the issue of Bounce Rate, so imagine the scenario: A Google user, search on your smartphone for a keyword directly linked to your business, your site is not responsive, that is , it is prepared only for desktops, let's say that this user finds your site organic on page 1, this certainly translates to credibility, the user clicks and accesses your page, that landing page tied to the product or service that he researched, but navigation is difficult, he has to stay stretching the screen to find what he is looking for, how often he is in the moment of purchase and can not keep trying to use his unadapted site , he prefers leaving, leaving his site prematurely, back to Google and finds your competitor offering agile, easy navigation, cascading menus, just roll it down and find everything you want.

But let's go back to your website ...

What happens to that sad quick and short access?

The Google algorithm responsible for this reading, states that referring to that keyword, important to your business, your site , or better your page, may not be so relevant, and therefore, there should be more relevant content than yours for the Google offers the display position that your organic ad finds in a new and subsequent user search.

But then you think ...

Alright, I do Adwords , sponsored links, link building via display network, social media, affiliate marketing, etc., which will offset and balance my relevance in Google!

Wrong, as any and all access to your urls on your site will be monitored, and any early abandonment, low onpage activity, and / or absence of pagination will suppress its relevance in Google.

If your site does not have a mobile version, or is not a responsive site , get ahead of your competitors, if it is already late, we have all the expertise to remedy your SEO

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