Creating E-Commerce Sites with SEO your products, facilitating your Organic location in Google . SinalizeWeb specializes in the development of OptimizedVirtual Stores , which give effective feedback and strengthen your brand. SinalizeWeb E-Commerce Website Creation

Online Store or also called E-Commerce Website is the possibility to offer your products and brands to all potential consumers connected on the internet

How much does it cost to open a physical store in a region of strong commerce like the Braz region in São Paulo , or an excellent shopping center?Certainly we are talking in the millions home initial investment for opening and operation the first few months

And how much is it worth to have a Store with the ability to sell to anywhere in Brazil and perhaps even export its products, using as main avenue or shopping center Google ?

We are speaking here of an investment with certainty more assertive, with a lower operating cost, greater competitive power among other advantages

The operation of an E-Commerce Website begins with the definition of the product, price, public and initial focus squares

After contracting, the SinalizeWeb Web Site Builder E Commerce makes a mapping of all high traffic keywords and searches on Google , tags related to the products to be offered on the E-Commerce Site

From there it is possible to map the E-Commerce Site and the entire structure of product categories, based on Site E Commerce Optimization per page of each product and category as a priority

It is like making an ecologically sustainable home, we think of Optimization from the foundation, that is, the Construction of an E-Commerce Website is something complex, laborious, but functional

The success of an ECommerce project is possible but it requires professionalism. It is difficult to understand how Free Sites or Virtual Stores made inFree E-Commerce Website Builders can give some result through the strong competition that exists in the internet

It is understandable that among so many Virtual Stores , most "die on the beach"

Ecommerce obliges the entrepreneur to organize in all the criteria: service, finance, operational, logistics, shopping, etc., since the customer on the Internet is faster and more demanding, the internet will give you results in a more agile way, but it will be relentless with your mark if she fails with it

SinalizeWeb Website Creation Agency E-Commerce tracks your business from planning to collecting and analyzing results, helping you and your team to make decisions, prevent and correct administrative and operational failures. We will be successful with new customers if your Virtual Store obtain strong results, as your competitors, partners, suppliers and customers will be watching your entire web presence

There are several solutions in the market, several Ecommerce Platforms and Virtual Store Builders . Solutions that "lease" a Store for you to create alone or, spend more on the personification and configuration of your E-Commerce Site

The SinalizeWeb Ecommerce Website Creation Agency , offers the possibility of having a virtual store of your own, without the collection of fees for the quantity of products or the visitation of your pages

Some features of our E-Commerce Virtual Store projects:

Store Mechanism easily Auto Manageable in registration and maintenance of products Virtue & Mart , Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart etc ;

Banners on Home or on other pages with random dynamic effects ;

Interactive image gallery ;

E-Commerce site with potential Clustering and Navigation;

Agile loading pages;

In- Site Search Tool E-Commerce available on all pages with product display;

Available Tool for capturing e-mail for actions of E-Mail marketing or Newsletter ;

Possibility of Standardized Forms with security features against Pishing Robots;

Development of the E-Commerce Website in Joomla CMS , being used the languages: PHP - CSS - HTML - JavaScript ;

Availability of user access Internet Explorer , FireFox , Chrome and Safari , Opera , ...;

Cluster for various hardware resolutions, including Smarphones and Tablets ;

Provided microformats RSS feeds ;

Installation of Google Maps Plugins for activation on Android and IOS GPS;

PagSeguro gateway integration ;

Integration with the postal system for freight calculation ;

Checkout on single page ;

Possibility of commercial chat deployment ;

Total and more priority focus on SEO optimization in both backend and frontend .


There is a possibility of great success in an E Commerce project , it is easily possible to increase billing in a Shopping Site through efficient planning and serious and professional work compared to a physical Store .

Consult SinalizeWeb E-Commerce Agency and Virtual Stores regarding your project, even if it is already being built by another company, we will assist you in an E-Commerce Consulting process and more effective strategies for your product through your target

Contact us about Virtual Store Deployment Ecommerce Vtex , EZ-Commerce , Fast Commerce among other E-Commerce Platforms in the cities of Guarulhos , São Paulo and region

SinalizeWeb E-Commerce Website Creation Agency . We make your Virtual Store become indispensable for your business