Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Advertise your brand, product and / or services to a large number of users in a versatile way.

With Facebook you have the freedom and versatility to advertise as you want, choose from photo, video, punctual or informational advertising, reaching the public with large pages holding thousands and thousands of tanned. 
The Facebook for Business platform offers a variety of campaign formats and ways to advertise on Facebook. For your greatest success with Facebook ads, it's critical that you choose the right partner to help you build the campaign scope by defining: 

· The right audience; 
Location, demographics, interests, behavior, and connections. 
· Where this target becomes more involved with the Facebook environment; 
Relevant ads, high conversion funnels, in-house conversion ads within Facebook 
· What are the concrete objectives of each action; 
· Application and tracking of the Facebook conversion pixel; 
Reports with page information and Facebook ad reporting, when cross-referenced, create perfect portraits of applied strategy with the clear opportunities for improvement of your Facebook campaigns. 

You can also maximize the scaling of your Facebook follow-up with the Facebook Custom Audience tool. 

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