We at SinalizeWeb offer a wide range of performance-focused services to our customers, all executed with excellence.

We specialize in:

SEO Consulting

Consulting is differentiated when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) . We at SinalizeWeb have developed the best practices in SEO, exclusively for your website.

SEO is all about using Tags, Goals, Robots, XML extensions, Content Marketing and other technical issues. In addition, an SEO Consulting should evaluate important points of Digital Marketing with a detailed SWOT analysis.

Creating Sites and Migrating to Smartphone

As a website development and production company, SinalizeWeb is a reference in offering the best results of creating institutional websites, corporate websites, with the best navigability for your target.

There is currently some who say that creating the website itself is something to dispose of, however, it is a big mistake to think that way, since having your own personalized website is synonymous with branding recognition and increased conversion .

All sites created by SinalizeWeb are thought of as responsive projects , that is, websites that have the ability to reshape the layout for good viewing on smartphones and other devices. With this, the resolution becomes differentiated and the navigability optimized.

All the work of creating websites is done based on search optimization, so that our client has a great visibility in the digital environment.


Remarketing is customer re-impaction through a Google Adwords feature that aims to memorize and identify customers who have already visited your website, thereby displaying ads more often when they visit sites that accept such ads .

When a customer leaves a product in the shopping cart, for example, and does not end the purchase, a remarketing email will be generated by "offering" or "reminding" that customer of that product. In other words, the main goal of remarketing is the conversion of the sale.

Remarketing can be done through email, offline, telephone, among others.


Marketing of social networks (Instagram, Youtube and Facebook)

Ads on social networks are a big trend these days as their cost is low compared to the number of people who will be impacted.

Facebook , the world's largest social network, has great potential for ads because it has the Facebook for Business tool where you can manage your ads in a personalized way. With measuring tools, you can see which campaign was successful, which did not have much, what needs to be improved, thus creating better campaigns in the future.

Still in the digital environment, Instagram is the world's largest photo-sharing platform, thus providing great impaction with great visual power.

With the ease of posting short shots and videos, it's a good choice to display and leverage specific sales or services.

Another great digital platform is YouTube , which is, as we know, the largest video platform in the world. About 95% of video users in Brazil, watch through Youtube.

Advertising on YouTube is dynamic, through digital influencers (the famous vloggers) it is possible to boost their visibility, promote the website and send products to be evaluated and publicized to their target audience.

In addition, YouTube has a great often neglected potential, which is the use of their searches, second only to Google itself.

Ads on Google

Advertising on Google may seem easy, but goes way beyond buying or not buying a space. Everything involves a set of keywords, ads and landing pages, all segmented so that the ad brings a return with the least possible campaign cost. Done with dedication and excellence, the results are amazing.

With Google certification, SinalizeWeb is the Agency and Consulting best suited to help increase the performance of your company.

Full commerce

Full commerce is a great differential in our Agency and Consulting. It is a concept that outsources product marketing online, addresses information technology , marketing management , customer order fulfillment (from receipt to delivery of final product) and contact center (multimedia formats).

With a team of specialists at SinalizeWeb, our Full Commerce work is done with excellence, bringing real results to our customers.