Programmatic Media has revolutionized the way advertising is done. Simply put, it facilitates the way that space negotiation is performed, the main way of buying and selling spaces is by means of auction. SinalizeWeb Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Consulting counts on professionals specialized in the subject to help you.

With Programmatic Media, impressions are delivered only to the target determined by the advertiser. Everything is based on consumer data, such as age, gender, location, buying and navigation behavior, among others. From this data, a segmentation is performed so that the success of the campaign is guaranteed.

To better understand, suppose you want to buy a smartphone, you analyze all websites and prices, the best rates of delivery and the best deadlines.When making the purchase, you made a programmatic purchase, without the need to interact with another person.

In the case of Programmatic Media, the logic is the same. You find the best media and space for your company, the difference is that it is carried out through a tool.

But what is the advantage of using Programmatic Media?

The Programmatic Media Process streamlines some factors that give slowness to the business, such as the need for a person to effect the sale of the space. There is no longer a need for an intermediary for such, everything is accomplished as if you were making a purchase on Amazon or eBay for example. Without a manual process, everything becomes more efficient and more reliable.

SinalizeWeb uses the DoubleClick platform as a tool, through which we have full access to all campaigns and results in real time. This gives us greater control over ads and optimization during your viewing.

All this facilitates an exceptional return , since it is no longer necessary to buy thousands of impressions, everything is directed to a specific target, that, the most suitable for your business. Dispersal of ads on random sites is deprecated.

With the DoubleClick platform, directed not exclusively to Branding, we distribute your advertising and sales promotion inserts, in a balanced and efficient manner, in accordance with your media plan.

Want to benefit from Programmatic Media? SinalizeWeb can help you!

If you have doubts or want to make your budget, ours will always be willing to contact you. Do not waste any more time, we help you and your business achieve the desired results, whether for performance or branding.