SEO - What it is and what its importance.

Searching on search sites is part of everyday life of every person who browses daily on the internet. Whether to search for news, current affairs or find that much desired product.

For those who write or advertise, search engines are a great way to attract the audience to your site. But this action of attracting the target has better results when your site is well positioned in the research networks. Being well positioned on the first page of these search engines is having more visibility and authority in the subject or product you sell.

However, this good positioning depends on a set of strategies that can be understood as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) . For a good application of it to your website, it is imperative that you have a good partner on your side, such as the SinizeWeb Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Consulting , which is reference in the subject.

Whatis SEO?

The SEO in its literal translation stands for Search Optimization Tool . But for us at SinalizeWeb, optimizing is something very simple close to the results that SEO can achieve.

We see and use SEO as a set of strategies geared towards Digital Marketing , which aims to increase the visibility of a site from organic searches , ie be on the first page of search sites without the need to pay for space , based on Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing .

The location of the search engines is done by means of robots, which take into consideration a series of combinations. This means that being well positioned goes beyond having good content, it is necessary to present the information so that these robots understand.

With professional experts in the subject, SinalizeWeb offers an SEO Consulting that brings results.

SEO strategies need to be renewed on average every three months . The reason is simple, the technological algorithms of the research networks are changed with constancy, so SEO strategies need to be defined, revised and readjusted within that period, so that the result reaches the expected.

Still on the subject of results, the company that invest in SEO, needs to be aware that it is a medium / long term investment , but that it generates great results like increase of performance and sales.

How does SEO work?

After a detailed analysis on the site of the requesting company, a list of tasks to be done to improve the ranking is generated. From this, SinalizeWeb then suggests and apply the improvements so that organic search has an increase in search results.

For a well-planned SEO strategy, it is necessary that whoever applies it dominates the subject, therefore, the strategy is very complex.

SEO can be divided into two parts: On-Page and Off-Page.

On-Page covers the entire content of the site, the entire structure within it. Off-Page , can be understood as the Link Building , which is the link that runs between your site and third parties. Everything needs to have quality and draw attention, from content to Heading Tags , through the quality of internal and external linking.

Content may turn out to be the soul of SEO, but being of quality will not ensure that your site is well-ranked. Along with content, which involves texts, such as images, pdfs, videos, etc., everything that is available on your site needs to be done, thought, according to keywords .

Keywords are essential when playing content on the network. For, it is from them that your website will be found or not. Based on what your target audience search is a great way to start applying SEO.

SinalizeWeb does the research and measurements of these keywords from specific tools for this, after all, applying SEO with achismos can generate undesirable results.

These keywords are divided into two parts: The Head Tail and Long Tail.

Head tail are short keywords , usually a general term. They have a large volume of search and are usually searched by more people. With this, it is important to have them on your website.

Long tail keywords are long keywords . They are often a variation of the head tail , refine the search more.

SinalizeWeb uses in SEO strategies these two variations. We understand that focusing on just one, leaves us in the act of searching for the target audience.

What is the first step in applying SEO?

Planning is essential, but good planning is only done from a good understanding of our clients' briefing .

The briefing has accurate information about the difficulties our clients are facing . It is at this moment that the client must express his profile and goals, clearly. In this phase, we make clear all that will be involved in the project, anticipating the problems to be faced and the expectations to be fulfilled.

It is from a well-briefed briefing that all project planning is done by SinalizeWeb.


What are the benefits and advantages of SEO?

The biggest benefit is bringing views to your site. With increased access, conversions also leverage, whether it's the goal of your sales strategy or lead capture.

Being positioned on the first page of search engines is synonymous with credibility for the target audience . If your company is well ranked, whoever accesses it will understand that it is an authority on the subject matter.

Still have questions about how SEO works? Need a partner to apply it to your business? The SinalizeWeb Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Consulting is expert in the subject. There are already more than 270 satisfied and satisfied customers with our consultancy.

Several success cases carried out. Investing in organic search is investing in credibility against your target . Ask us for a chat, ask questions and understand a little more how SEO works and other tools that digital marketing offers.