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Youtube Ads

18 de Outubro de 2017
Por SinalizeWeb

Having the help of various digital media is a good way to ensure success and achievement of objectives . As the largest video network in the world, YouTube has great targeting potential. The SinalizeWeb Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Consulting , can help you to enter this world.

Advertising on YouTube tends to be more interactive, thus giving more relevance to the ad. In addition to the number of people watching inside the platform, there are also YouTube videos that are played elsewhere, further increasing the reach .

Per month, 6 billion hours of YouTube watched around the world, that’s about 1h of audience for each person in the world. Did you get an idea of ​​how many people can be hit?

The percentage of YouTube remembrance is about 31% higher than television, which means that the likelihood of your brand being rememberedwith the ad is greater when done on the video platform.

So yes, YouTube is a great place for INSERT IGNOREing ads, even more so with the amount of segmentations that are offered. Campaigns INSERT IGNOREed in Youtube are almost always synonymous of increase of conversion , increase in the number of clients, recognition and authority in the market.

SinalizeWeb works with traditional TrueView , which is the 30-second ad video (which may be longer) that can be displayed across multiple places on the platform. There is also the possibility of bumper ads, which are a recent modality. Unlike TrueView , bumper- shaped ads can not be skipped and contain a short duration.

Wondering what format to advertise? SinalizeWeb can help you. It all depends on your purpose: for a product demonstration , for example, it is not recommended to be made in a short video like Bumpers, but in TrueView, which can be longer than 30 seconds. But if you want a quick reach or a promotional advertisement , then bumpers can have a bigger return on your business.

Still on the platform, there are also Masthead , which are ads that appear on the YouTube homepage at the top. Of course, if you access YouTube now, whether through mobile or desktop, this format will appear. You can only use a banner containing the information you want or a video mix (mute) of up to 30 seconds.

Masthead occupies a prime Youtube space , for the simple reason that everyone who accesses YouTube is impacted by this type of format.

The settings do not stop there, these modes can be chosen to be displayed before, during, or after the video on Youtube. Or, in banner format within the video or within the platform’s Display Network.

These ads can be targeted with AdWords according to your target, even the display time can be set to have a return and reach greater than what will be displayed.

In addition to all these alternatives, your product can also be advertised as follows: Through an influencer of your target audience . In other words, you can also work on the possibility of sending your product to a channel that has your audience in your target, for the dissemination of it.

Want to learn more about video ads on YouTube ? Get in touch right now with the SinalizeWeb team! We can help you and cure your doubts.

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