Creation of Sites , HotSites and   Web , as a Website Development and Production Company, SinalizeWeb is a reference in offering the best results of Optimization in the Creation of Institutional Sites , Corporate Website , in professional and bold graduates, with the best navigability for its target audience.SinalizeWeb the Best in Creation of Sites

Creating websites today is often a subject treated as something of not so much importance. Many understand that with the appearance of the innumerable possibilities of communication in Social Networks , mainly Facebook , it is not so valuable to own your own Web Site in a personalized domain and with your Visual Identity

Fact is that the Creation of Sites being done by an Agency specialized in the Development of Professional Websites , can generate in a very assertive way very positive results in branding and conversion , often only by presenting a Relevant Content in a pleasant, dynamic virtual environment and that meets the expectations of its target.

All of this should be drawn from a SWOT briefing and analysis for a Site Creation project, with a start, middle and delivery of the project, taking into account the Site Optimization capability for search engines as Google example and, the ability of the Site to achieve its objectives in accordance with the scope and goals of its business.

SinalizeWeb Optimized Website Creation Agency for Google and other search engines , also worries about the flexibility of its Corporate Site Creationprojects, with corporate focus and professionals .

As an agency participating in the Engage for Agencies program of Google Internet Brasil , we follow all the trends in Brazil and in the world, that is, the best practices in Website Creation pointed out by the very behavior of web users in Brazil and in the world.

We know that by the end of 2013, we have reached the 30% percentage of all Web traffic in Brazil, through the use of smartphones , this is due to more favorable consumption and credit conditions, making technologies and devices more accessible, as well as access to cheaper wifi and 3G networks .

We can say that classes C and D initiate their experiences on the internet through smartphones and tablets , often without ever having accessed the webby a desktop of their own.

Through this framework and through languages ​​such as HTML5 , CSS3 , JQuerry , JavaScript and others in the CMS 'we have been using since November 2013, all the new Web Site Design projects of SinalizeWeb are thought to be projects of Responsive Sites , ie Sites that have the ability to re-adjust their layout and formats for mobile devices , smartphones and other devices that require different screen resolutions and optimized navigability .

The project for Creating or re-fitting a Website at SinalizeWeb is treated as unique, each client has its peculiarities and these are respected from the planning, development , delivery and monitoring of results. We want to be with You always, and not just sell a Website and that's it.

Some characteristics of our projects:

Auto Manageable site in your text content;

Banners on Home or on other pages with random dynamic effects;

Interactive image gallery ;

Site with potential Clustering and Navigation;

Agile loading pages;

Internal Search Tool on the Site available on all pages;

Available Tool for capturing e-mail for actions of email marketing or newsletter ;

Possibility of Standardized Forms with security features against Pishing Robots;

Development of the Site in Joomla CMS , being used the languages: PHP - CSS - HTML - JavaScript ;

Availability of user access Internet Explorer , FireFox , Chrome , Safari , Opera , ...;

Cluster for various hardware resolutions, including Smarphones and Tablets ;

Available micro formats RSS feeds ;

Installing Google Maps Plugins for Android and IOS GPS triggers;

Possibility of commercial chat deployment;

Total and highest priority focus on SEO optimization in both backend and frontend .


We often say that we do not sell websites , but rather, we position your brand , products and services where your customer is. In Google .

SinalizeWeb is an Agency specialized in the Creation and Optimization of Sites . Have your Web Site Optimized on all the fundamental criteria, and make sure your competitor is thinking about it too, so have the best.

Consult the SinalizeWeb Optimized Website Creation Agency and have the best in Website Creation for your business.